How to read the INNRS rank?

The Innrs Rank measures the buying strength of financial assets over a time period.

The Innrs Rank goes from 0 to 100, where 0 is not considered a good buy and 100 is considered an excellent buy.

This rank should be seen as a tool for searching for financial assets good buying options, taking into account past and future (projected) financial data. This is an automated system that is not tampered with by human perceptions of the market. All data is fed into the Innrs Rank algorithm and is presented as it is.

Indicators included in the rank are ROI, growth and sales estimates, revenue, earnings, dividend yield, profit margin, stochastic indicator, volatility trends, RSI, moving average, and more.

The Innrs Rank has 5 different periods for different investment strategies and/or different investors. While the Now and Current Week are more interesting to day-traders or swing traders, the Current Quarter, Next Quarter, and Current Year may be more suitable for long-term, value investors.

Looking at all the different periods gives the investor a glimpse of the overall buy rank of a financial asset over time.

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